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I followed this nice set of instructions for setting up Ruby, Compass, and Sass on my Windows 7 system, except that I also installed Foundation 3 and didn't bother with rvm. Compass and Sass are working on the "zurbtest" Django project I set up (after working around some Compass quirks).

However, Sass is not able to compile app.scss. I get the message:

Syntax error: File to import not found or unreadable: foundation/common/ratios.
              Load paths:
        on line 1 of static/zurbstyle/sass/_settings.scss
        from line 2 of static/zurbstyle/sass/app.scss

Looks like I need to point out the path where _ratios.scss and other zurb foundation files reside. I can see that they are on my Windows system, at:


But where do I need to specify that path to make this work?

I see that this issue has been discussed before in the context of Rails. I don't have Rails installed. This is a Django project.

So where and how do I set up the needed paths to get this to work with a Django project?

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Turns out the answer is very simple:

Do NOT use the following command:

sass --watch app.scss:app.css

I spent hours trying to get this to work and then realized that all that is needed is:

compass watch

I ran the "compass watch" in the Windows 7 Ruby command shell, while in the foundation directory specific to my Django project "zurbtest", which was:


"zurbstyle" was the name of the zurb foundation project I set up with the compass create command.

Note that by default, the resulting output file, app.css, gets put in:


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