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After much pondering, I thought of a way to tackle this.

Posts Table:
post_id int, primary key, auto increment
post_content text
has_read text

In has_red would be a serialized array that looks something like this:


$has_read = array(
    '1' => 'true', // 1 = User ID
    '2' => 'false', // 2 = User Id
    '3' => 'false', // 3 = User Id


I can't think of any issues I'd have with this, can you guys?


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Don't do that. Storing a serialized array as text is almost always a sign of very bad design. You can't write queries on serialized data (easily).

Instead you should be making another table, that relates user's to the posts they've read.

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Scalability. Imagine having 133,090 users like my site does.

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