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Say I have something like this:

var array = [cat,dog,fish];
var string = 'The cat and dog ate the fish.';

I want to clear all those values from a string

var result = string.replace(array,"");

The result would end up being: The and ate the .

Right now, replace() appears to only be replacing one value from the array. How can I make it so all/multiple values from the array are replaced in the string?


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Smells like homework. Well your example is invalid, running the array line will throw errors. And have you ever use a for loop or each() and new RegExp()? Hint, try that. – epascarello Dec 7 '12 at 0:42
string.replace(new RegExp(array.join("|"), "g"), "");
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You either create a custom regexp or you loop over the string and replace manually.

array.forEach(function( word ) {
    string = string.replace( new RegExp( word, 'g' ), '' );


var regexp = new RegExp( array.join( '|' ), 'g' );

string = string.replace( regexp, '' );
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It works perfect! – Bennett Dec 7 '12 at 0:49

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