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I am trying to build admin side of small website which consists of 2 pages: index.php and update php. On index.php I run query, that per-fills html form with data from database, which works fine. Then I send data via $_POST to update.php page, where I try to get those values into variables and then make an update query. Which fails. I suspect something is wrong with $_POST array - some values are messed up or empty, but I don't understand why. Here is the code for index.php:

if (!isset($page_id)) {

echo " <p>Please select page to be edited:</p>";

$query = mysql_query("SELECT page_id, title FROM pages");

$res = mysql_fetch_array($query);

do {

printf("<p><a href='index.php?page_id=%s'>%s</a></p>", $res['page_id'], $res['title']);
} while ($res = mysql_fetch_array($query));
} else { $query = mysql_query("SELECT *  FROM pages WHERE page_id = '$page_id'");
$res = mysql_fetch_array($query);

require_once 'parts/form.php';}

This is code for update.php:

//Here I try to get POST values and assign them to variables for update
//Ths is validation that those values are not empty, 
require_once 'parts/guard.php';

if (isset($_POST['page_id'])) {
$page_id = $_POST['page_id'];

if (isset($_POST['title'])) {
$title = $_POST['title'];

if ($title == '') {

if (isset($_POST['description'])) {
$description = $_POST['description'];

if ($description == '') {

if (isset($_POST['keywords'])) {
$keywords = $_POST['keywords'];

if ($keywords == '') {

if (isset($_POST['text'])) {
$text = $_POST['text'];

if ($text == '') {

//variables are set 

require_once 'parts/meta.php';
//Here is all the values exist, the query is executed. 
//Obviousely this query works in phpmyadmin, but not here - some fields come empty or          messed        up????
if (isset($title) && isset($keywords) && isset($description) && isset($text) && isset($page_id)) {

                            $query = mysql_query("UPDATE pages SET title = '$title', description = '$description', keywords = '$keywords', text = '$text'  WHERE page_id = '$page_id' ");

                            if ($query == TRUE) {

                                echo "<p>Page Updated</p>";
                                echo "<p><a href = 'http://localhost:8888/'>
        Edit Another Page</a></p>";
                            } else {
                                echo "<p>Page Is Not Updataed</p>";
                        } else {

                            echo "<p>You Left Some Fields Empty. Page Will Not Be Updated.</p>";

And this is the form I use:

<form name="update" action = "update.php" method= "post">

<p> Page Name<br>
    <input value = "<?php echo $res['title']; ?>" type = "text" name = "title"></p>

<p> Page Description<br>
    <input value = "<?php echo $res['description']; ?>" type = "text" name = "title"></p>

<p> Page Keywords<br>
    <input value = "<?php echo $res['keywords']; ?>" type = "text" name = "title"></p>

<p> Page Content<br>
    <textarea type = "text" name ="text" cols = "68" rows = "15"><?php echo $res['text']; ?>

<input type = "hidden" name="page_id" value =$res[page_id]>

<p><input type = "submit" name ="submit" value ="Save Changes" id="submit"</p>


Any help will be most appreciated as I dont have a clue why I have this problem?

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Most of your form fields are named title. Thus you don't actually have a field called description or page_id or keywords.

Mate also raises a valid point.

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Thank you so much! Now it works! Cant believe I missed that!) – user1838334 Dec 7 '12 at 8:30

Try added php tag to your input value

 <input type = "hidden" name="page_id" value ="<?php echo $res['page_id']; ?>"  />

As mentioned Amadan , also check the names for all controls in your form.

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Yes, this was on of the things I missed! Plus the form name fields were screwed up! Thank you sooo much – user1838334 Dec 7 '12 at 8:31

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