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I'm using vb net 2005. I have created a .xsd dataset with one table and a rpt report. the dataset is PedidosDataImpresion.xsd with the table DatosPedido. The rpt form is pedidoimpreso.rpt

this is my code:

Dim DatosImpresion As New PedidosDataImpresion
Dim TablaPrincipal As DataTable = DatosImpresion.DatosPedido

I = 0
TablaPrincipal.Rows(I).Item("razonsocial") = Me.lblfacturacion.Text
TablaPrincipal.Rows(I).Item("calle") = Me.LblDireccion.Text
TablaPrincipal.Rows(I).Item("colonia") = Me.LblColonia.Text
TablaPrincipal.Rows(I).Item("ciudad") = Me.LblCiudad.Text
TablaPrincipal.Rows(I).Item("estado") = Me.LblEdo.Text
TablaPrincipal.Rows(I).Item("cp") = Me.LblEdo.Text
TablaPrincipal.Rows(I).Item("rfc") = Me.LblRfc.Text

PedidoImpreso.PrintOptions.PrinterName = Impresora
PedidoImpreso.PrintToPrinter(Copias, True, 1, 1)

i wish to print directly to the printer with no reportviewer first

and the report comes with no data. Can you help me ?

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You had to use some third party tool to do it.

What you can do is: Make a HTML table Fill Data Print table on page load (using jQuery)

In case you want report format then you will need report viewer to get itself rendered.

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