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I have two individual maven projects named Utilities and Campaigns. My utilities project has dependencies in it. The Campaigns project needs to execute the main method inside a class within Utilities. To accomplish this, I have been using the exec-maven-plugin. Using this plugin, I'm able to execute the main method of the dependency (Utilities) from my Campaigns pom file. However, transitive dependencies from Utilities don't seem to resolve when I execute the method. I can get around this by adding the same dependencies to both pom files, but if possible I'd like to avoid this redundancy and just inherit from Utilities. I've included the plugin portion of my Campaign pom file below. This is a little confusing, but is there a way I can get around this without having to define the same dependencies? Without having to list the dependencies in the plugin section?

The main method is found in com.sample.generics.Login.java.


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