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I am stuck on jQuery 1.4.3 on a current project and need some advice on how best to orchestrate the following..

Let's say I have two functions whom both perform ajax calls, and I only want to call the second one if the first one succeeds. With that said, there are also times in my application where I will call function a without needing to call function b. Therefore it wouldn't make sense to put the call to the second function within the first functions success method.

I'd like to do something like,

function doStuff(){
    functionA().success( functionb() ).failure();

I typically orchestrate by using .done(); but that was introduced in jQuery 1.5, and again I am stuck on 1.4.3 for now.

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Sure it makes sense to call it in the functionA() success handler. Just call it conditionally.

// Set a variable to determine if you will need to call functionB()
var youNeedToCallFunctionB = true;
// And call functionA()

// Function definition:
function functionA() {
    url: ...,
    success: function() {
      if (youNeedToCallFunctionB) {
        // Call functionB() in the success handler when needed...

functionB() {
  // Some other AJAX call...

Even better, pass a parameter to functionA() which determines whether or not to call functionB()

functionA(youNeedToCallFunctionB) {
  // same thing as above, but pass the parameter

// Called as
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Thanks, I suppose I was looking for more of a "service" type pattern but this is interesting and perhaps the best way to do it in JS. – Jason Wells Dec 7 '12 at 2:23

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