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I'm developing a app, using backbone, underscore, and jquerymobile. Following jqmobile's way, I have an index page which loads every visited page in special divs tags, flagged with the attribute data-role="page". For each page, i have its corresponding style file (or code snippet embedded in a style html tag). My problem is that the names of my stylable stuff started to collide. Other thing is that I would not like unnecessary style files loaded for each page. Is there any way of dynamically import only the required css for the current page?

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I am accomplishing exactly what you ask using RequireJS and the RequireCSS plugin.

Here is a snippet from one of my views:

], function($, _, Backbone, Form, pageTemplate) {

  var Page = Backbone.View.extend({

  return Page;


Line 7, 'css!../../../css/company/company' is where the css file becomes a requirement for loading this view.

Once the company.css stylesheet is loaded, it's in the browser even when other "pages" load because there are no actual page refreshes. Thus I have my main page views toggle a class on the <html> element:

// remove any old route-* classes existing on the html element
// add in the company's top-level class name

And all my page-specific styles for the company page are scoped to the .route-company class.

You can find the jQuery plugin removeClassRegEx here.

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One way of doing that is with jquery (which you 90% are already using with backbone), and its load or get ajax functions, or whatever, plus callbacks.

Then you can call such functions from your backbone app if you need to, and simply inject that css inside <style> tags into your document, as a template.

Or I think there are also specialized jquery functions.

Another way I can think of doing that would be with require.js and it's plugins (it has text plugin, I believe, which will also enable you to load your javascript templates).

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