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My current project is using .net 2.0 threading and has a master thread for scheduling 1.File download thread and 2. File Processing Thread. I can restrict the maximum threads to be processed in parallel, say 16 (May be 10 file download and 6 file processing for the already downloaded files). I would like to migrate my code using TPL.

Thread workerThread = null;
switch (Status)
    case StatusEnum.FileWatchLocked:
        workerThread = new Thread(workflowMgr.GetFiles);
    case FPFStatusEnum.ProcessLocked:
        workerThread = new Thread(workflowMgr.ProcessFiles);
lock (_threadCountMonitor)
    _workFlowPool.Add(workerThread, workflowMgr);
    _workFlowThreadIDPool.Add(workerThread.ManagedThreadId, workerThread);

I need to track if a task is completed and I can queue some more work. Also I need to implement TPL for getfile and processfile. What would be the best approach from TPL?

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“I need to implement TPL for getfile and processfile” Could you explain what exactly do you mean by that? – svick Dec 9 '12 at 16:41

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I think your code can be written like below. In this way you don't need to manually queue the work items.

foreach (var uri in uris)
    string filename = "urixxx"; //get local file name
    Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>
        DownloadFile(uri, filename); 
    }).ContinueWith((t) =>
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