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I have models with datetimefields and timefields. When the user interacts with these fields in a form they often just need to enter the current time. I need a now link almost exactly like what shows up in the django admin, so the user can just click it and the current time gets put in the field.

I tried looking through the django source but it seems to utilize some frontend javascript which I'm not very familiar with. Is there a simple way to make a widget that can be easily used in a timefield and datetimefield?

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So this is not on the admin panel? As in on the site? Then this is not really a question to be posed to Django, I suggest tagging javascript. If you are unfamiliar with javascript, then tag jquery, they have things for this.

In case you're lazy, here's a start:


jQuery premade

Javascript methods

Sorry, but this is more of a UI issue than a Django issue. Hope I helped, though.

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