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Say str = 'translate(-100.93,50.88)', how can I get the two float: -100.93 and 50.88 in JavaScript? I was stuck here for a while. I tried


which gave me single chars.


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str = str.replace(/[a-zA-Z()]+/g, '').split(',');

var float1 = parseFloat(str[0]),
    float2 = parseFloat(str[1]);


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var str = 'translate(-100.93,50.88)';
var result = str.split(/,|\(|\)/);

alert(parseFloat(result[1])); // -100.93
alert(parseFloat(result[2])); // 50.88
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use a regular expression, such as:

var testString = 'translate(-100.93,50.88)'
var matches = testString.match(/translate\(([-.\d]+),([-.\d]+)/);

//(matches[0] is the first part of the string)
var num1 = matches[1]*1;
var num2 = matches[2]*1;
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var str = 'translate(-100.93,50.88)'        
var arr = str.match(/\(([^\(\,]+)\,([^\)]+)\)/);
var firstVal = arr[1];
var secVal = arr[2];
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