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I'm trying to create a little wizard with backbonejs in which the answers to certain questions determine the path being taken through the wizard. Is there a way in backbonejs to assess the current state of the model and navigate to the next page accordingly? Or is there another way of accomplishing this best in a backbonejs kind of way?

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I think the best way is to treat each answer as a different route. That way when the user selects an answer, the route is change and you can load/change views accordingly in your router. Be sure to make use of variables in routes like

routes: {
        ":question/:answer": "checkAnswer"

Where question and answer are variables

Hope this helps

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Ok, so checkAnswer() would route to the appropriate handler calling app.navigate("#/handler1") (or another one depending on the answer)? What if the user tries to use the back button of the browser? Wouldn't it then route back to checkAnswer() which automatically calls the navigate method? You wouldn't be able to go back this way, I think... –  Max Dec 10 '12 at 0:24
If the question alone has a url then you need another one ":question": "showAnswers" That way you can show the question to the user the after the user answers that question, you move to the checkAnswer url –  Xerri Dec 10 '12 at 9:01

You can have your router subscribe to the model's "change" or "change:[attribute]" event, then change the route and page accordingly

OR whenever you want to go to a new page call the router's navigate function

router.navigate("question1/option1", {trigger: true});

This will change the url and also trigger the route you set up for "question1/option1"

So if your router is:

router = Backbone.Router.extend({
    routes:  {
       "question1/option1": "answer1"
    answer1: function() {
        //change the page / or take whatever other action you want.

answer1 function will be called to setup your next page.

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