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am new on WS. some simple questions in my mind, please try to solve it.

  1. i did a demo WS for Calculator on calculator(), where it has one UI where i enter values for it, internally pass it to WS. Ok i got answer/output. but if i want to create only webservice which take/give xml data or just give xml data. how can i create it.

  2. i found some WS URL's about some fame company. is it used by using by opening Connection. how they define this URL? am using MyEclipse10 when i went to create new WS, needed to use Java Bean class for create it. ok, if i create myWS url then how it ll get call? because it is JavaBean?

  3. and if just want to create WS then i need not required to create New WS client?

i dont know it is simple or may be foolish question, when i walk on WS i stop here. i feel like , without basic knowledge started to build it.

please, clear it. Thanx.

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MyEclipse (as well as Eclipse, IBM D Developer, etc) let you create a Java Web service server in one of two ways:

  • Bottom up Java Bean: you supply a bean, it turns it into a WSDL (and generates the corresponding stub code)

  • Top down WSDL: you supply a WSDL, and it generates the corresponding stub code

When a company creates a web page, they set up a web server and publish some HTML pages on it.

When a company publishes a WSDL, they also set up a web server ... and publish an XML WSDL on it.

The URL you go to in order to read a WSDL is just an ordinary HTTP web server, that happens to be serving an XML WSDL at that location.

The WSDL specifies where the service can be found, and what operations and data types the service uses. A WSDL you create, or a WSDL that's published by some other company.

'Hope that helps

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yes. ok, i created one Java Bean, which have some methods which fetches data from DB whatever(but jst fetching and want to show outside), i created WS for that bean class. then which url or how can i access it from another system to get that output(fetched data)? by the way it is bean class WS how it is possible? –  V.Rohan Dec 7 '12 at 5:54

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