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In C arrays why is this true? a[5] == 5[a]

In a C++ reference book, I found an example that accessed a string like following:

void main()
    char *str = "Test";
    int len, i;


    len = strlen(str);
    for(i=0 ; i<len ; i++)
        printf("%c", i[str]);


Why does i[str] work? i is a variable, not an array.

It also works if the string is declared as str[] instead of *str.

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Char pointers point to the memory location at the start of a string, and the array indexes (eg, str[i]) are basically adding i iterations to the start of the string.

So, str + i = str[i] = i[str] = i + str

Using this inside printf, like you are doing, all of these will evaluate the same:

printf("%c", str[i]);
printf("%c", i[str]);
printf("%c", *(str+i));
printf("%c", *(i+str));

See also: In C arrays why is this true? a[5] == 5[a]

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Great, this explains it. So as I understand it, since the compiler knows that out of i and str, str is the pointer. So the memory area str points to are supposed to be accessed and not of i, even if we write i outside the brackets? –  excitive Dec 7 '12 at 5:52
yes. the compiler is essentially adding the two numbers, and either way you add them you get to the same place –  cegfault Dec 7 '12 at 5:54

It works because in C i[str] and str[i] are equivalent

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i[str] and str[i] evaluate the same way (as *(str+i) )

When you declare str[], str is a pointer to the first element of the array

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Okay to generalize it, we can say that constant[pointer] and pointer[constant] are same? Because liberal understanding would say that str means some hex value of a memory address, which will mean i[str] is actually constant[0x123213] ... ??? –  excitive Dec 7 '12 at 5:47

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