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I just installed vifm-0.7.4. It included much more functions than version 0.4. However, I am missing one behavior in the old version. That is, if you enable screen in vifm:


once you press l or Enter on a text file, the file will be open in vi in a new screen window. However, in the new version, the file is open in the same window as vifm interface. I can open the file in a new screen window using the edit command:


But it is less convenient than a single l. Is it possible to go back to the old behavior in the new version?

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It's a regression, which wasn't noticed until now. I'll fix the bug in the next release (it should be easy), but you could just ask me about such behavior by email or on one of bug trackers.

Here is something you can try to use for now (put it to your ~/.vifm/vifmrc file):

nnoremap l : if filetype('.') == 'reg'
          \|     edit
          \| else
          \|     normal! l
          \| endif<cr>

nmap <cr> l
nmap <right> l

But this won't run programs, associated with files.

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Thank you very much. Yes, I could have asked you by Email. But I thought maybe other people is interested in this issue as well, or I just simply missed something in the setup file. I am sorry if I annoyed you by asking this here. Looking forward to the new release. –  Jing Dec 10 '12 at 3:02

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