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JavaScript. Solution to detect mobile browser

I have created two pages. My online resume and the mobile version.

I want the online resume page to redirect to the mobile version if someone is on a mobile device. How do I do this? Thanks.

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The most reliable way to do that, would be on the server side, using the HTTP headers of each request to identify the device and redirect accordingly.

More on that here

The way you want to do it, via javascript has the downside that javascript runs on the client side and my also be disabled/tampered with on the client side, even though a simple redirect most likely can't be much of a security loophole.

For me the best javascript approach would be to not care about whether the device is mobile or not, but to focus on the device's capabilities, and switch to the mobile site only if the device at hand cannot work with the normal one.

For example you could go with something like this:

if( screen.availHeight < 500 || screen.availWidth < 700 ){
    window.location = "http://www.yoursite.com/mobile-version"
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