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I have implemented a small use case to evaluate Spring Data Neo4j. I have a PublicRepository interface which extends GraphRepository.

The interface looks like this:

public interface PublicRepository extends GraphRepository<Tweet> {}

This is giving me Error "The hierarchy of the type PublicRepository is inconsistent".

This type of error comes because One of the Class/interface, extended/implemented by current class, which in turn is extending/implementing another class/interface is absent.

After looking into the core library's package org.springframework.data.repository I found that the interface PagingAndSortingRepository, extended by CRUDRepository is absent in the library. I searched for the same into the Github Repository of the Neo4j Data. But this interface is absent over there as well.

I searched over google for the same but not found solution to this issue and not even into issue queue of Neo4j Data. Hence have filed one, refer this.

  • Has anyone came across this issue?
  • Is there any other way to integrate Neo4j Data Library with spring application?
  • Where can I find the spring-data-neo4j jar file with this interface?
  • If not, where can I find the interface definition file which I can integrate with the currently compiled jars? What are the environment settings required for the same?
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Got Solution!...Was missing commons library in jars causing the issue... –  srahul07 Dec 7 '12 at 9:21

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The question was solved here in github issues

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