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I want to replace { by {{} and } by {}}, because, I need to escape those { & } with {}. if I've as input {blah} I want my script to output {{}blah{}}, see? But it is not working look at what I did

$output = str_replace(array("}", "{"), array("{}}", "{{}"), '{blah}');

But as output I got this : {{}blah{{}}} instead of {{}blah{}}

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PHP iterates the whole string for each array item you put in the $search parameter.

It is in fact replacing '{blah}' into '{blah{}}' with your first array item '{', and then from that into '{{}blah{{}}}' because there is another '{' after the first replacement.

You better off doing this with regular expression, with a single RegExp pattern it will run only once in your input string.

$str = preg_replace('/(\{|\})/', '{\\1}', '{blah}');
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+1. Nice optimization of my answer :) –  Ja͢ck Dec 7 '12 at 6:42
Thank you very much guys! –  Mehdy Amazigh Dec 7 '12 at 6:50

That's because the replacement itself contains the string to search for. I would rewrite it with preg_replace_callback instead:

echo preg_replace_callback('/{|}/', function($match) {
    return $match[0] == '{' ? '{{}' : '{}}';
}, '{bla}');

// {{}bla{}}
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