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In my view, I have:

<li class="<%= 'active' if current_page?(:controller => 'posts') %>"><a href="/posts">Posts</a></li>

The problem is, when I move away from /posts/ path, the class is turned off again. For example, when I go to /posts/1, the link class is not active anymore. I thought it would still be active because the controller stays the same. How should I fix the problem?

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You can do

<%= 'active' if params[:controller] == 'posts' %> 

so try to debug what's the value of


when you go to /posts/1 to see why class "active" doesn't appear.

It could be that the class "active" is there but its not showing for a css issue? Check the source code on the browser on /posts/1* to see if the code is working or not

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params[:controller] was consistently 'posts', but class active was not turned on when I used current_page? method. Weird. –  Maximus S Dec 7 '12 at 8:22
<li class="<%=params[:controller] == 'posts' ?  'active' : '') %>">
    <a href="/posts">Posts</a>

The above will work for sure.

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