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As a part of my project I have to display animated 3d models in opengl window

I found a sample code for this purpose on http://ogldev.atspace.co.uk/www/tutorial38/tutorial38.html

I successfully compiled the code but while runtime i am getting following errors

  Status: VSmain shader compiled with errors
  Compilation details for VSmain shader:
  0:3(1): error: syntax error, unexpected VERSION

  Status: FSmain shader compiled with errors
  Compilation details for FSmain shader:
  0:3(1): error: syntax error, unexpected VERSION

  Status: Link failed
  Linkage details:
  linking with uncompiled shaderlinking with uncompiled shader
  Errors in shader compilation
  Error initializing the lighting technique

and also for the

  printf("%s \n",glGetString(GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION));

it is returning null

I feel that the error is with the skinning.glsl file which is as follows

#version 120
#define VERTEX_IN attribute

const int MAX_POINT_LIGHTS = 2;
const int MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS = 2;
 struct VSInput 
vec3  Position;                                             
vec2  TexCoord;                                             
vec3  Normal;    
ivec4 BoneIDs;
vec4  Weights;

interface VSOutput
vec2 TexCoord;                                                                 
vec3 Normal;                                                                   
vec3 WorldPos;                                                                 

struct VSOutput1
vec2 TexCoord;                                                                 
vec3 Normal;                                                                   
vec3 WorldPos;                                                                 

const int MAX_BONES = 100;

uniform mat4 gWVP;
uniform mat4 gWorld;
uniform mat4 gBones[MAX_BONES];

shader VSmain(in VSInput VSin:0, out VSOutput VSout)
mat4 BoneTransform = gBones[VSin.BoneIDs[0]] * VSin.Weights[0];
BoneTransform     += gBones[VSin.BoneIDs[1]] * VSin.Weights[1];
BoneTransform     += gBones[VSin.BoneIDs[2]] * VSin.Weights[2];
BoneTransform     += gBones[VSin.BoneIDs[3]] * VSin.Weights[3];

vec4 PosL      = BoneTransform * vec4(VSin.Position, 1.0);
gl_Position    = gWVP * PosL;
VSout.TexCoord = VSin.TexCoord;
vec4 NormalL   = BoneTransform * vec4(VSin.Normal, 0.0);
VSout.Normal   = (gWorld * NormalL).xyz;
VSout.WorldPos = (gWorld * PosL).xyz;                                

const int MAX_POINT_LIGHTS = 2;
const int MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS = 2;

struct BaseLight
vec3 Color;
float AmbientIntensity;
float DiffuseIntensity;

struct DirectionalLight
struct BaseLight Base;
vec3 Direction;

struct Attenuation                                                                  
float Constant;                                                                 
float Linear;                                                                   
float Exp;                                                                      

struct PointLight                                                                           
struct BaseLight Base;                                                                  
vec3 Position;                                                                          
Attenuation Atten;                                                                      

struct SpotLight                                                                            
struct PointLight Base;                                                                 
vec3 Direction;                                                                         
float Cutoff;                                                                           

uniform int gNumPointLights;                                                                
uniform int gNumSpotLights;                                                                 
uniform DirectionalLight gDirectionalLight;                                                 
uniform PointLight gPointLights[MAX_POINT_LIGHTS];                                          
uniform SpotLight gSpotLights[MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS];                                             
uniform sampler2D gColorMap;                                                                
uniform vec3 gEyeWorldPos;                                                                  
uniform float gMatSpecularIntensity;                                                        
uniform float gSpecularPower; 

vec4 CalcLightInternal(struct BaseLight Light, vec3 LightDirection, VSOutput1 In)            
vec4 AmbientColor = vec4(Light.Color, 1.0f) * Light.AmbientIntensity;                   
float DiffuseFactor = dot(In.Normal, -LightDirection);                                     

vec4 DiffuseColor  = vec4(0, 0, 0, 0);                                                  
vec4 SpecularColor = vec4(0, 0, 0, 0);                                                  

if (DiffuseFactor > 0) {                                                                
    DiffuseColor = vec4(Light.Color, 1.0f) * Light.DiffuseIntensity * DiffuseFactor;    

    vec3 VertexToEye = normalize(gEyeWorldPos - In.WorldPos);                             
    vec3 LightReflect = normalize(reflect(LightDirection, In.Normal));                     
    float SpecularFactor = dot(VertexToEye, LightReflect);                              
    SpecularFactor = pow(SpecularFactor, gSpecularPower);                               
    if (SpecularFactor > 0) {                                                           
        SpecularColor = vec4(Light.Color, 1.0f) *                                       
                        gMatSpecularIntensity * SpecularFactor;                         

return (AmbientColor + DiffuseColor + SpecularColor);                                   

vec4 CalcDirectionalLight(VSOutput1 In)                                                      
return CalcLightInternal(gDirectionalLight.Base, gDirectionalLight.Direction, In);  

vec4 CalcPointLight(struct PointLight l, VSOutput1 In)                                       
vec3 LightDirection = In.WorldPos - l.Position;                                           
float Distance = length(LightDirection);                                                
LightDirection = normalize(LightDirection);                                             

vec4 Color = CalcLightInternal(l.Base, LightDirection, In);                         
float Attenuation =  l.Atten.Constant +                                                 
                     l.Atten.Linear * Distance +                                        
                     l.Atten.Exp * Distance * Distance;                                 

return Color / Attenuation;                                                             

vec4 CalcSpotLight(struct SpotLight l, VSOutput1 In)                                         
vec3 LightToPixel = normalize(In.WorldPos - l.Base.Position);                             
float SpotFactor = dot(LightToPixel, l.Direction);                                      

if (SpotFactor > l.Cutoff) {                                                            
    vec4 Color = CalcPointLight(l.Base, In);                                        
    return Color * (1.0 - (1.0 - SpotFactor) * 1.0/(1.0 - l.Cutoff));                   
else {                                                                                  
    return vec4(0,0,0,0);                                                               

shader FSmain(in VSOutput FSin, out vec4 FragColor)
VSOutput1 In;
In.TexCoord = FSin.TexCoord;
In.Normal = normalize(FSin.Normal);
In.WorldPos = FSin.WorldPos;                                                                 

vec4 TotalLight = CalcDirectionalLight(In);                                         

for (int i = 0 ; i < gNumPointLights ; i++) {                                           
    TotalLight += CalcPointLight(gPointLights[i], In);                              

for (int i = 0 ; i < gNumSpotLights ; i++) {                                            
    TotalLight += CalcSpotLight(gSpotLights[i], In);                                

FragColor = texture(gColorMap, In.TexCoord.xy) * TotalLight;     

program Lighting

You can get the entire code at the link given above .

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"I feel that the error is with the skinning.glsl file" I have a similar feeling. But since we're not clairvoyant and therefore cannot actually see "skinning.glsl" unless you show it to us, it will have to remain a feeling and your question will go unanswered. –  Nicol Bolas Dec 7 '12 at 7:12
It maybe that I have just overslept the most recent of most recent development, but this skinning.glsl file (only to be discovered by follwing your link) doesn't even look like valid GLSL to me, but rather some kind of "FXization" of GLSL. –  Christian Rau Dec 7 '12 at 10:01
What GPU/driver combination are you using? What does GL Extensions Viewer (realtech-vr.com/glview) say about your machine supporting GLSL? –  ananthonline Dec 7 '12 at 16:26
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It works with Nvidia Graphics Card The problem was with the version of OpenGL and glsl . This code in particular seems to support only for version #330 or greater

To Run the code with Nvidia support : optirun ./{executable}

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