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I'm trying to build a sitemap and parsing the html bodies for hrefs that doesn't have # (as those with hashes are just sub chapter links in some content page htmls).

My regexp now: <a\\s[^>]*href\\s*=\\s*\"([^\"]*)\"[^>]*>(.*?)</a> I guess I should use [^#] or !# to exclude the # from hrefs but could not solve it with just trying and googling after it. Thanks in advance for helping me out!

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Done it. Just inserted the # too in the [^\"] block. :D

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if you are on track and trying but it won't work, just try it some more. :) –  obeliksz Dec 7 '12 at 7:27

You should not use regex to parse HTML.

Best use an HTML parser, as eg http://jsoup.org and then

Document doc = Jsoup.parse(input);
Elements links = doc.select("a[href]");

for (Element each: links) {
    if (each.attr("href").startsWith("#")) continue;


So much more painless than using regex, eh!

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