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Reading 'sleep' mans and googling haven't provide any useful information.

I want to run Pidgin after Ubuntu boots, but after some time left. For example, logon is passed, and after interval for 1 to 5 minutes Pidgin starts. As manuals of 'sleep' says, there a way to specify only number of hours, mins and seconds.

Is there any way/other linux command to solve my problem?

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look like you could use linux at command. Create a bash script containing something like this, replacing /path/to/pidgin with your actual path (you can run $ whereis pidgin to find out the location):

at now + 5 min <<_EOF_
DISPLAY=:0.0 /path/to/pidgin

check out Files and scripts that execute on boot to see where you can place that file.

cron would be another option

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Forgot about cron! Thanks! Now i think problem is soved. –  Andy Nightmaar Dec 7 '12 at 8:36

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