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Welcome. pre-apologize for translation. Faced with the problem. I form the current date so

var thisDate = Utilities.formatDate (new Date (), SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet (). getSpreadsheetTimeZone (), "MM / d / yyyy");

get the output for the U.S. version of 06.12.2012 write down the case to the cell through

sheet.getRange (1, n). setValue (thisDate);

and the cell is automatically formatted date. in the version with GTM and. After I had to compare the variable type and the date 06/12/2012 however I get the comparison

 sheet.getRange (1, n). getValue () == "12/6/2012"

and of course I did not go, because when receiving sheet.getRange (1, n). getValue () I get it in the international date format. But if I will set before comparing cell format in

plain text

then everything works fine. The question is how to format a cell in the JS text. Thank you.

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The other answer, to set the format to 'plain text' in javascript, doesn't work. However, this does:


So the magic value for formatting text programmatically is '@STRING@'!

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Unfortunately the text of the plan did not fit. Document as soon as the cell gets something like a date, just format the cell. Found a way not to create date)

var thisDate1 = Utilities.formatDate (new Date (), SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet (). getSpreadsheetTimeZone (), "MM//d//yyyy");

Sorry so late reply. All hands did not reach.

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