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Sometimes when i try to run a command in the Erlang shell (for example calling a function from a module etc) the shell doesn't give any output or error message and just returns. I am sure that i give the command in the right shape (with a dot at the end etc). To solve this i have to give the following commands in the shell:

'. or ".

And then the shell prints a long atom or what ever and then after that i can run my original command correctly. Does anyone have seen a same issue? And what is the reason for this?

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This looks like there were an initial ' or " in the command line. So the shell is waiting for the second ' or " which closes the atom or string declaration. It prints the evaluation result and is now ready for the next command.

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Thanks. This is the answer i was looking for! :-) –  coffeMug Dec 7 '12 at 8:50

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