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Im currently debugging Linux ARM kernel, and have always wondered if it is possible in gdb to break when the cpu mode change (usr, svc, abt etc). Currently, when i'm not sure which mode we are in, I usually have to look at the psr register multiple times, but maybe there is a more effective way, such as break on mode change?

I know I can put breakpoints on the exception vector, but that means I only detect mode changes to privileged mode and not the other way around. Maybe there is a command to check if the psr changes to 0x10(usr mode) ?


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Do you really want to break on the switch, or just find out if you're currently running in user or kernel space? If you only need the later information you can just look at your current pc, everything above 0xC0000000 is kernel-space in a default 3/1G split. –  Masta79 Dec 7 '12 at 16:10
I wan't to run the linux kernel and break when it switches to user mode so i can examine the scheduled user process. Hmmm i could put a break on the scheduler maybe, but problem is kernel processes are scheduled the same way i think –  MrGigu Dec 7 '12 at 16:24

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