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I am trying to adjust the screen brightness of an iPhone from my Arduino, which is acting like a keyboard. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful because I don't know the exact scan codes to send.

I checked out ApplePS2Keyboard.cpp and found that 0x69 (brightness down) and 0x6A (brightness up) only work on my Mac, but those scan codes do not work on the iPhone for some reason.

I also thought about using a key combo of Fn+F1, but it seems like Fn does not generate any scan code, so I was not able to proceed.

[Update 12/11/2012]: Downloaded the KeyCodes app and ran it on my Mac, and it looks like the Fn key generates a modifier of 0x800100, but the "Brightness Up" function key does not generate any key code. Does it mean that the scan code 0x6A is received by the kernel and then immediately translated into an action instead of a key code?

If Apple's wireless keyboard works on both the Mac and any iOS device, and assuming that it generates the same scan codes no matter which host you pair it with, why would the same scan code not work on the iOS device?

I've already tried using brute-force by looping through possible scan codes from 0x2A to 0x80, but none of them works. I've also tried brute-forcing all permutations of the Consumer Report format, but that didn't work either. My bluetooth module is Roving Networks RN-42 HID.

Please help! Thank you!

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