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I want to set my website . It has many user profile which is kind of dynamic. e.g., Whats steps I need to make so that its show all profiles on search engine dynamically.

1) I have an Google webmaster tool 2) Added a sitemap and robot.txt for the site.

After 1 months or so(Indexing is done , as I can on Webmaster tool account) If I search the profile(say by name) I don't see the user profile in search. I have added the url parameters as well e.g. here profile. Am i Missing anything?

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Can you get to a profile from the home page by basic links alone?

Search engines like to be able to find your pages on their own.

Do a more specific search first. e.g. add to your search so only your site is competing.

Check you have not blocked the pages in the robots.txt file or via the robots meta tag on the page.

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