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I'm using phpunit for TDD approach. Currently, some tests I've already written fail, because I'm waiting for other people to catch up with my tests. Therefore, I want to print out a failed assertion message for each assertion that fails now, e.g.

$this->assertTrue($now_its_false, '> my friend should fix method X to return Y');

This works for standard assertions, but I can't figure out how to print such message when testing exceptions. For example, I've test a method that should raise an exception, but it doesn't. My code looks like this:

public function testSomethingIncorrect() {
  $this->fail('This call should raise exception!');

How to print out the test fail message here?

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There is no "clear" way to achieve this. You can notice that PHPUnit_Framework_Constraint_Exception doesn't take any description argument.

Anyway you can do it "around".

try {
    $this->fail('This call should raise exception!');
} catch ('SomeException') {

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this is not an answer I wanted to hear, but thanks anyway ;) –  tkoomzaaskz Dec 7 '12 at 15:08

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