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I am implementing login functionality for my site using Custom AuthenticationHandler. When I give credentials and submit the form the AuthenticationHandler is always redirecting to geometrix site and asking geometrix credentials.

Even I tried deactivating geometrix in my author instance, after login into my site again it is redirecting to felix console site.

How to restrict other than my application pages ?

Any help is highly appreciable.

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You can change your default login page from felix console


Configure Day CQ Login Selector Authentication Handler, set the default login page to the path of your custom login page

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I guess the Day CQ Root Mapping servlet redirects you to it's configured rootmapping target.

Have at look at /libs/cq/core/config.publish/com.day.cq.commons.servlets.RootMappingServlet inside crxde. The rootmapping servlet's config targets to /content.html which is resolved to /content. redirect that to your content or if it has to coexist, then create an additional JcrResourceResolverFactoryImpl config.

Just create a config.publish/org.apache.sling.jcr.resource.internal.JcrResourceResolverFactoryImpl node below your application in apps /apps/<yourappp>/config.publish/org.apache.sling.jcr.resource.internal.JcrResourceResolverFactoryImpl with jcr:primaryType sling:OsgiConfig and add a resource.resolver.mapping to your like the following samples demonstrates. resource.resolver.mapping="[/-/,/content/intranet/-/intranet-/, ....]" />

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