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sh checkemp.sh *

It will just check for one file everytime this command is executed.

where checkemp.sh has only one variable which is filename=$1

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You could do:

for file in checkemp.sh *; do sh $file; done

If you want to run them all concurrently, try:

for file in checkemp.sh *; do $file & done

This executes the command sh $file where file iterates over the values checkemp.sh and all the other files in the directory. It's not clear to me exactly what you are tyring to do with checkemp.sh. Perhaps you are looking for:

for file in *; do sh checkemp.sh $file; done

Honestly, though, you'd be better off writing checkemp.sh with an interpreter line and doing:

checkemp.sh *

and iterate over the arguments within the script.

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