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I use Python 3.2. I have an API which uses SOAP. I need to perform a number of SOAP calls to modify some objects in a database. I'm trying to install a SOAP library which would work with Python 3.2 (or 2.7 if that's what it takes) in order to do my task.

If someone could give me some guidance how to go through with what library to install and how to install, I would be very grateful. I would be able to continue with the rest of my development.

Note: I heard about SOAPy but it looks like it's discontinued. I've downloaded an executable which asks me to point where I want it installed and I'm given no choices...

I'm a little lost.

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This fork of suds seems to support Python 3.x after running it through 2to3. –  Pedro Romano Dec 8 '12 at 1:26
If the installer gives you no choices it is because it is for a version of Python which you don't have installed (most likely it works with the 2.x line and you only have 3.2 installed). –  Sean Vieira Dec 10 '12 at 3:06

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