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Is there any way to slip in a record to the top of a result set in MySQL? For instance, if my results are:

1 | a
2 | b
3 | c

I want to be able to get:

Select | Select
1      | a
2      | b
3      | c

Where "Select" isn't actually a part of the recordset, but artificially inserted.


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The only way to achieve that with a query would be using UNION:

SELECT 'Select', 'Select'

Getting the order correct will depend on how you want the results ordered overall.

If the goal is simply to get a heading at the top of the results, it would be easier (plus more efficient) to just add programmatically in the application that's receiving the data.

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+1 for suggesting efficiency w/adding in the app. thanks –  Jason Sep 3 '09 at 21:44
SELECT "Select" as col1, "Select" as col2
SELECT col1, col2 FROM table
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If your query is

SELECT Colum1, Column2 FROM Table


SELECT Column1, Column2 FROM Table UNION SELECT 'Select', 'Select'

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select "Select", "Select"
select Col1, Col2 from Table1
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