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If I implement in app purchasing to unlock my app, how does that work with the purchasers downloading to second devices? If they install the trial on a second phone/tablet, will clicking the 'unlock' button in my app find the already bought unlock and unlock the app?

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If you implement inapp billing with managed and subscription type products than purchasers id is maintained by google

and when they install same application in other device and try to purchase the product with the same previous id used before, then they will see dialog that you already own this item or Item is already purchased.

If you use unmanaged product type then purchasers id will not be maintained and for each device install or once user uninstalls the app and again install that in same device he have to again buy the same product.

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And owning the item already, they can download the unlock, right? It doesn't do something stupid like prevent them from downloading again? Just making sure here before I decide what method to implement! –  Tickled Pink Dec 7 '12 at 11:44
You can call restoreTransactions method to restore again to the state of purchaser. I think it will not automatically allow to download unlock items. –  Nirali Dec 8 '12 at 9:05
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