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I have the following struct:

type Translation struct{
  Data string
  Translations []struct{
    TranslatedText string
    SourceLanguage string
type InputText struct {
  PlainText string
  TargetLanguage string
  Values url.Values

and a method that hits the Google Translate API and returns JSON string that I want to UnMarshal:

func (i *InputText) TranslateString() (*Translation, error){
  if len(i.PlainText) == 0 {
    log.Fatal("No text specified")
  if len(i.TargetLanguage) == 0 {
    log.Fatal("No target language specified")

  i.Values = make(url.Values)
  var v = i.Values
  v.Set("target", i.TargetLanguage)
  v.Set("key", API_KEY)
  v.Set("q", i.PlainText)

  u := fmt.Sprintf("%s?%s", api, v.Encode())
  getResp, err := http.Get(u)  
  if err != nil{
    log.Fatal("error", err)
    return nil, err
  defer getResp.Body.Close()  
  body, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(getResp.Body)
  t := new(Translation)
  json.Unmarshal(body, &t)

  return t, nil


func main(){
  input := &InputText{"My name is John, I was born in Nairobi and I am 31 years old", "ES", nil}
  translation, _ := input.TranslateString()

When I run this code all I get is &{[]} printed out, I thought the JSON wasn't being returned but when I tried this in the TranslateString() method:


It prints out:

 "data": {
  "translations": [
    "translatedText": "Mi nombre es John, nació en Nairobi y tengo 31 años de edad",
    "detectedSourceLanguage": "en"
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We gave you two working example answers to your yesterdays question. Please try to narrow down your problem. And make sure to tag the SourceLanguage field if you want to unmarshal from detectedSourceLanguage. –  matthias krull Dec 7 '12 at 10:11
The examples work fine if I put the returned JSON in a string: jsonval := {} I've also changed the field SourceLanguage to DetectedSourceLanguage with no luck.. –  jwesonga Dec 7 '12 at 11:39

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The code above is correct with one mistake, my struct is all wrong!! it should be:

type Translation struct{
    Data struct {
        Translations []struct {
            TranslatedText string
            DetectedSourceLanguage string
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That is the exact struct from the beforementioned answers.. –  matthias krull Dec 7 '12 at 12:16
my mistake..live and learn.. –  jwesonga Dec 7 '12 at 13:44

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