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I try to build a table which is both a JQuery treeTable and a JQuery datatable at the same time. Attention please, my problem is not about how to use it both, i can view without problem if i fill the "table".

But when i send an empty array to my treetable building code, i am getting error.

Here are problem lines:

$('#table tbody tr').each(function(){
                            console.log('in set child before');
                            console.log('in set child after');
                        $(this).attr('id', mytable.fnGetData(mytable.fnGetPosition(this))[0]);

When i do not populate the table, despite my wish, the process goes through to the above loop, and

console.log(this) prints out:

<tr class="odd"><td valign="top" colspan="4" class="dataTables_empty">No data available in table</td></tr>

So it generates error, because the row data is not an expected one.

I want to ask, what is the most elegant way to control if it is a populated "data", or an empty warning row? Is checking the "class" for "dataTables_empty" an appropriate method?

Or is there any other way to not to go through above loop if table is empty.

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i want an empty message to appear when table is empty, but also want to check if it is empty or not. anyway i am using $(this).find(td:first).hasClass('dataTables_empty') thanks anyway –  merveotesi Dec 7 '12 at 10:32

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