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I want a regular expression which only allows a-z characters and 1 dot only between characters, not in the beginning or end of the string, here is what I've got:

var myRegexp = /^[a-zA-Z]*(\.{1}[a-zA-Z]*)?$/;

But it also allows the dot to be the first or the last character, how could I disallow dot in beginning or at the end of string?

The above code works in JS, how about the same regular expression in PHP with preg_match()?

Thanks in advance

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The *means 0-many. If you use a + then this will force at least 1 character to appear before and after the dot. i.e.

var myRegexp = /^[a-zA-Z]+(\.{1}[a-zA-Z]+)?$/;
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Try this

var myRegexp = /^[a-z]+(\.[a-z]+)?$/i;
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you oversimplified it, this forces the dot to be present. – Karoly Horvath Dec 7 '12 at 10:31
Your right. Amended. – garyh Dec 7 '12 at 10:54

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