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my problem is similar to the next problems:

have to press command button twice and


My login button(which I have to click twice) and the ajax form locates in different views (I've got the login view (the view with the login button) and the main view(where I use ajax to switch the one of the parts of this view)).

Here is the flow (how it happens):

When the session is expired and I try to make some ajax actions my AjaxExceptionHandler navigates me to the login view ("loginViewExpired") using this code:

facesContext.getApplication().getNavigationHandler().handleNavigation(facesContext, null, "loginViewExpired");

And here I am, on my login view where I have to click the login button twice, because javax.faces.ViewState hidden input field is not added to my login form (as I understand from BalusC blog)

Any suggestions? Can I somehow transfer the ViewState to my form in login view from the ajax form in another view?

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Solved using OmniFaces FullAjaxExceptionHandler

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