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As a follow on from this question - Direct access to TableLayoutPanel Cells, how would one enumerate the controls within a cell in a TableLayoutPanel? As from the picture below, I want to enumerate all the checkboxes in a given cell (so I can change their value).

Example TableLayoutPanel

I've wrote this code to try and explain what I'm trying to do (this being a checkbox);

var tableLayoutPanel = (TableLayoutPanel)this.Parent;
var cellPosition = tableLayoutPanel.GetCellPosition(this);
var controlAtPosition = tableLayoutPanel.GetControlFromPosition(cellPosition.Column,cellPosition.Row).Controls;
foreach (Control control in controlAtPosition)
   var ctrl = control.Name;
   // *** Enumerates nothing
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Your example code is confusing. Obviously, only one control is allowed in a TableLayoutPanel cell, so in your example, you have a container control holding those check boxes.

Simple example:

Panel p = tableLayoutPanel1.GetControlFromPosition(0, 0) as Panel;
if (p != null) {
  foreach (CheckBox cb in p.Controls.OfType<CheckBox>()) {
    MessageBox.Show(cb.Name + " " + cb.Checked.ToString());
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