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I need to check the date in the range from_date and to_date.

Ex) Employee applies leave from 2012-11-08 to 2012-11-09, here I need to check 2012-11-08 with the date range includes the from_date and to_date.

Please suggest me to use the proper queries to get the records.

When I use Mysql BETWEEN, it checks the date in between range only and not including the from_date and to_date.

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Hope this post may be useful to you.… – anuj arora Dec 7 '12 at 10:59

use a comparison operator:

WHERE from_date >= '2012-11-08' AND to_date <= '2012-11-08'

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BETWEEN in MySQL is inclusive, which means that 2012-11-08 falls within the range of 2012-11-08 - 2012-11-09. Your problem is probably the TIME part.

Try casting the database fields to date in your query and see what result you get, i.e.:

SELECT x FROM y WHERE '2012-11-08' BETWEEN DATE(date_from) AND DATE(date_until)

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