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How spring channels are related to queues? Are channels always related to queues or these both are separate entity?

I know about queues but how spring channels wrap up queues (if they do)?

Please explain the relationship of channels and queues if exists.

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From the reference:

The QueueChannel implementation wraps a queue. Unlike the PublishSubscribeChannel, the QueueChannel has point-to-point semantics. In other words, even if the channel has multiple consumers, only one of them should receive any Message sent to that channel. It provides a default no-argument constructor (providing an essentially unbounded capacity of Integer.MAX_VALUE) as well as a constructor that accepts the queue capacity:

However in enterprise integration in general as far as I know channel and queue are synonyms for each other:

"Channels, also known as queues, are logical pathways that connect the programs and convey messages."


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