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Anyone has an idea how to remove all white space and replace them with a comma , in a file using Vim ? File input example (words could be everywhere !):

C1       TEST   PROD
A1    BE

T1     B1 

File output example(all words belonging to the same line are like in the example below):


I Found it : %s/\s\{1,}/,/gc

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First delete the blank lines:


Then use a substitution (:s///) over each line (%) to replace all (g) continuous whitespace (\s\+) with a comma (,).

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Explanations of each component is particularly helpful and often omitted in answers on SO. Thanks! (That said, the same for the first line would also be helpful) – ryanjdillon Mar 18 '14 at 18:51

Another way to do it :


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