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I'm trying to add auto increate indentation feature in a Sublime Text package.
As for TextMate, there's increaseIndentPattern = '\{'; that can make easy indentation.
How can I do that in SUblime Text?

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Sublime Text 2 already has easy indentation built in.

Hit Ctrl+] to indent right, and Ctrl+[ to indent back or remove indentation.

Similarly, you can select the text you want to indent, and hit the Tab key. This indents the selected block of text. Shift+Tab will remove indentation of selected text.

If you are working with predefined syntaxes you can define a keybinding for your "ReIndent" command, which will execute Edit>Line>Reindent command on the entire document.

However, if you reeeeally want to get your hands dirty with setting up how the program indents specific language syntaxes, you go to the Preferences Menu and hit Browse Packages.

Look for the language you want to modify indentation rules for, I'll use PHP as an example. There are 2 files that have indentation rules for my copy of PHP right now. Their names are as follows:

  1. Indentation Rules Annex.tmPreferences
  2. Indentation Rules.tmPreferences

There should be another copy of these same filenames with *.cache at the end. Feel free to add .old after .cache and modify the plain *.tmPreferences ones.

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Yes, but the problem is *.tmPreferences file is difficult to read due to the lack of docs. – jiyinyiyong Oct 9 '13 at 1:51
Indeed. That is why, when faced with this issue, I just settled with ReIndent 'ing with the F12 key using the keybinding I linked above. – EffectiX Oct 16 '13 at 14:28

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