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I am building a shipping rates calculator and I need the service code, description and price from the API response. I have noticed that I never get a response for: /RatingServiceSelectionResponse/RatedShipment/Service/Description - but I get a response for the price and service code.

I contacted support about this and they said, " Unfortunately, the description for the service (inside of the response) is only available in our Time in Transit API"

This seems very strange to have an Rates API that does not provide the service descriptions, it seems a bit useless without this info.

Does anyone know if there any way to do a lookup for the service description using the service code that is brought back from the Rates API?

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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I've had similar frustration with the UPS API's. You're right - the ...Service/Description is blank in the Rate service's response. So, you have to go with the ...Service/Code value and write your own code-description map based on those codes. (The codes are found in Appendix E of the Rating Package Web Services Developers Guide). For example, here are the values I mapped out in a Perl script:

%ups_service_code   = (
    '01'    => 'UPS Next Day Air',
    '02'    => 'UPS 2nd Day Air',
    '03'    => 'UPS Ground',
    '07'    => 'UPS Worldwide Express',
    '08'    => 'UPS Worldwide Expedited',
    '11'    => 'UPS Standard',
    '12'    => 'UPS 3 Day Select',
    '13'    => 'UPS Next Day Air Saver',
    '14'    => 'UPS Next Day Air Early A.M.',
    '54'    => 'UPS Worldwide Express Plus',
    '59'    => 'UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.',
    '65'    => 'UPS Saver',
    ## 82-86 are Polish Domestic Shipments
    '82'    => 'UPS Today Standard',
    '83'    => 'UPS Today Dedicated Courier',
    '84'    => 'UPS Today Intercity',
    '85'    => 'UPS Today Express',
    '86'    => 'UPS Today Express Saver'

Now, what's REALLY frustrating is that when you implement the TimeInTransit (TNT) service, you find that it returns the descriptions but no codes! But what I found is that the descriptions returned by the TNT service match the descriptions of the Rate codes from the developer guide (in example above). So, that's the way I've ended up matching TNT data with Rate data.

Hope this helps!

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yes Ive seen the list in Appendix E but couldn't figure it out as it has multiple services for code 7. ie. UPS Express, UPS Worldwide ExpressSM (for US) and UPS Worldwide ExpressSM (for Peuto Rico). Its confusing and Im not sure how to select the correct one programmatically. –  LeeTee Dec 17 '12 at 10:24
Just copy/paste my descriptions from above, where the RATE service code is mapped to the appropriate description. Then ignore the code returned by the Time In Transit service (TNT), and in stead select the TNT description to match against the descriptions above. –  goddogsrunning Dec 17 '12 at 14:53
Im not using the TNT service and so thats not an issue for me, Im still unclear how you have "UPS Worldwide Express" for code 7 when in the documentation there are two other descriptions for code 7 also. –  LeeTee Dec 17 '12 at 15:25
Appendix E (pg 92 of the web services guide) only uses 2 descriptions with code 07: UPS Express, and UPS Worldwide Express. From what I gather, these are the same basic service - they just call it "UPS Worldwide Express" when the origin is outside the US and PR. (My codes above are being used for shipments originating in the US). So it's up to you to know which country your origin address is in, and apply the appropriate description. UPS could have made this a lot easier by simply providing a code description in the web service response. –  goddogsrunning Dec 17 '12 at 20:02
I will need to add another column for the shipping from country so I can select the correct one. thanks for your help. –  LeeTee Dec 18 '12 at 10:32

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