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So I just want to know if my line of thinking is correct.

I'm trying to estimate the cache size on a "full cache" look up component (I know I cant set the cache size on the full cache mode, but Its just as a matter of knowledge)

The query it has is

Select int_column, big_int_column from myTable

as you can imagine I have an integer and a bigint column. Assuming myTable will have 1 Million rows, an integer occupies 4 bytes and a bigint occupies 8bites, is it correct to assume that my cache will have 11.4Mb?

each row = 12bytes * 1M rows = 12M bytes

12M bytes/1024 = 11718Kb / 1024 =

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You are close but no cigar, check this out:… – Milen Kindekov Dec 7 '12 at 12:12
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Based on the link I provided in my comment:

Your calculation should be as follows:

Each Row:

12 + 20 + (4*2) B = 40 B

One million rows:

(40 * 1M)/1024/1024 = approx. 38 MB  
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oh, how did I miss that link? thanks very much – Diego Dec 7 '12 at 13:15

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