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I'm developing a project using Rails 3.2. In the project I have a controller that manages the user profiles with the basic CRUD methods in it.

At some point I added a new method called 'location', used to store the user profile location. This method only respond to JSON request.

After I added this method, the redirect, after the update profile action, is not behaving as before. It should redirect to edit action, but instead I get something like:

Redirected to http://localhost:3000/profiles/1/edit
Completed 406 Not Acceptable in 367ms (ActiveRecord: 23.1ms)

The edit profile action route has not changed and if I rename the 'location' action everything is working fine, so I guest the method name cause this, but I do not know why. Can you help me?

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location is a method of ActionController::Metal which is available to your controller and you're overriding it this way.

You can retain the route /users/:id/location without the need to name the method location. E.g., in your routes.rb:

 resources :users do
   member do
     put :location, to: 'users#update_location' # Use the verb and the action name you see fit

and in your UsersController:

 class UsersController < ApplicationController
   def update_location
     # Do your magic
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