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I have a custom Register form which includes a security question and answer - works fine.

However, I have the following reset password logic which only works if the requiresQuestionAndAnswer property is set to false in my Web.Config file. Can someone show me a recommended way to code the question and answer logic into my ResetPassword code-behind? Is another trip to the DB necessary here?

public void ResetPassword_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs args)
    string newPassword;
    u = Membership.GetUser(UsernameTextBox.Text, false);
    newPassword = u.ResetPassword();

    if (newPassword != null)
            = "Password reset. Your new password is: " 
                + Server.HtmlEncode(newPassword);
            = "Password reset failed. Please re-enter your values.";
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I would suggest you look over this free resource: mywsat.codeplex.com – Mark Schultheiss Dec 7 '12 at 13:26
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I found the answer here:

MembershipUser.PasswordQuestion Property

"If RequiresQuestionAndAnswer is true, then the password answer for a membership user must be supplied to the GetPassword and ResetPassword methods."

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