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I'm trying to navigate UML associations in OCL, using the eclipse OCL implementation. I know that UML Associations are treated as Attributes, and the getAttributes() function called on a Class will return a set containing the Attributes as well as a Property object for each Association. What I need however, is not the Property, but the Class on the other end of the Association.

For bidirectional Associations, the following code works, although it doesn't seem very elegant:


Not only is it not elegant, it also doesn't work on directed Associations (there is not opposite Property there). Is there a better way of navigating Associations in OCL?

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What about using property.type?

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You're right: using self.getAllAttributes().type.oclAsType(Class) works (as long as all the attributes are associations, of course). Thanks a lot! –  lmontrieux Dec 7 '12 at 15:47

Why don't you try with the OCL console as explained in this post

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