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I need to export some data to a CSV file. To do this, I issue a SELECT command of those rows with a certain column set to 0. After that, I must set those rows to 1 in order to not export them again.

What is the best approach to face this situation? I mean some "transaction" where I UPDATE the exact same rows that I selected before.

Is SELECT ... FOR UPDATE the way to go?

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Is this what you are looking for?

UPDATE table SET column = 1 WHERE(
SELECT column FROM table WHERE column = 0)
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If it helps to anyone, what I did was having a 3 state field in my table.

Every time a record is inserted, its' initial state is 0.

The following occurs inside a transaction when I want to export new rows:

  • Those with state 0 (new) are set to 1 (about to be exported)
  • Select rows with state 1 (about to be exported) for csv export
  • Those with state 1 (about to be exported) are set to 2 (exported)
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This question is probably old but may help someone in future searching for same thing. Simple answer NO!. There is no way to select and Update at same time in MySQL. Though as per your question you can make Stored Procedure like this

    select * from tbl_CSV where state = 0 and FIND_IN_SET(id, IDSet);
    update tbl_CSV set state = 1 where state = 0 and FIND_IN_SET(id, IDSet);

where IDSet can be an comma seperated string like 3,14,8,1

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