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I am to make a website where I would like to create all the DVD's, I am in possession of. Furthermore, I would like to place the movies into categories. I got these tables.

categories: id - title

movies: id - category_ref - etc......

Imagine that I have created several categories: (Action - ID: 1, Comedy - ID: 2)

When I create a movie in my adminpanel, I'll have the opportunity of choosing more categories through checkboxes. For instance, I could choose Action and Comedy for Spiderman.

The row for the move will be like this:

ID: 1 - category_ref: 1/2 (<- that meaning Action/Comedy)

So, on the frontpage - I would like Spiderman to be shown both under Action and Comedy.

I thought, I could use IN to get the movies under the right categories, but it doesn't work as desired:

"SELECT id, movie_title FROM film WHERE $catID IN((REPLACE(category_ref, '/', ','))"

The question might appear complicated, but it's not.

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In this situation you should use FIND_IN_SET function:

WHERE FIND_IN_SET($catID,(REPLACE(category_ref, '/', ','))>0

BUT if you haven't design your table in this way yet USE the second table to store movie-category relations (See @Hugo_Delsing answer).

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Eventhough it is more advantageous to use another table structure, I will maintain the previous structure and use FIND_IN_SET - that solves my problem. So you deserve the accepted answer - thanks! – hskrijelj Dec 7 '12 at 16:45

If you want to add more then one category to a movie, you need a third table to store it in.

Categories: id, title
movies: id, title
movie_categories: movieID, categoryID

then you could have

1 Action
2 Comedy

1 Spiderman

1 1   //connection between movieID 1 and categoryID 1 (spiderman & action)
1 2   //connection between movieID 1 and categoryID 2 (spiderman & comedy)

and then you can search

SELECT id, title FROM movies WHERE ID IN(SELECT movieID FROM movie_categories WHERE categoryID=$catID)
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I can now see that I made a mistake not creating a third table that took care of combining the movies to the categories. That is the obvious way of making it. However, I will keep my construction and use FIND_IN_SET. I will never forget this way of designing the table structure. Thanks, +1 to you! – hskrijelj Dec 7 '12 at 16:43

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