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I am making a backgammon game and I have the board setup using a 2D array like so:

stoneCounts[0][0]=stoneCounts[0][1]=stoneCounts[0][2]=stoneCounts[0][3]=stoneCounts[0][4] = W; 
stoneCounts[11][0]=stoneCounts[11][1] = W;
stoneCounts[16][0]=stoneCounts[16][1]=stoneCounts[16][2]= W;
stoneCounts[23][0]=stoneCounts[23][1]=stoneCounts[23][2]=stoneCounts[23][3]=stoneCounts[23][4] =B;
stoneCounts[12][0]=stoneCounts[12][1] = B;
stoneCounts[7][0]=stoneCounts[7][1]=stoneCounts[7][2]=stoneCounts[7][3]=stoneCounts[7][4] =B;
stoneCounts[5][0]=stoneCounts[5][1]=stoneCounts[5][2]=  B;

When a player makes a move, how can I get the, for eg. 'W' at stoneCounts[0][1] to move to stoneCounts[2][3]

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Java? Something else? –  Thilo Dec 7 '12 at 12:46
yes in java, sorry. –  Ayudh Bhattarai Dec 7 '12 at 13:05
stoneCounts[2][3]=stoneCounts[0][1] ? –  igon Dec 7 '12 at 13:07

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I'll assume you also have an E which represents an empty square. Then all you have to do is (assuming the new square is already empty):

 stoneCounts[2][3] = stoneCounts[0][1];
 stoneCounts[0][1] = E;

In other words, just copy the status of the old square to the new square (and remember to somehow clear the status of the old square.)

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